Vigilance is our key for patient safety. Patient safety is our primary and main objective!

Statistics & Data Analysis

We choose the right statistical tool and computational model to analyse your data.

Clinical Operations

We streamline clinical operations to provide efficacious solutions for complex projects.

Medical Consulting

Exceptional medical consultations to pharmaceutical and medical device companies!

Medical Writing

Our state of the art medical writing deliverables stand out!

Research & Development

We support drug development pipelines from benchside to "market"side.

Quality Assurance

Top-notch services are our goal. Quality is the essence of success.

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Our Story

MD Pharma Consulting Group is a science driven quality focused leader that provides innovative consultations and executive solutions to diverse bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industry stakeholders. Pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, risk management, medical monitoring, data management, product management, statistics and data analysis, health economic outcomes research, and medical writing outline our scope of clinical research and post-market deliverables. Our operational headquarters is in the GTA, ON, Canada.

  • ​Commitment to Patient Safety
  • ​Dedication to Trial Integrity
  • ​Support to Drug and Medical Device Development

We Care For Our Patients & Your Research

We provide pharmacovigilance services for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device studies and post market surveillance activities.

Services include assessment of seriousness, causality, and expectedness, documentation within clinical EDC systems and safety management applications, reconciliation between systems as well as generation, submission and tracking of regulatory forms such as MedWatch and CIOMS.


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We provide comprehensive Medical Monitor and Data Management Services including preparing medical monitoring audit checklists, site initiation visits, protocol training, on-site and remote monitoring visits. 

We work with our Sponsors to develop eCRFs based on protocol requirements, provide complete data management services, develop clinical safety programs, conduct medical and drug coding with MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries, and provide complete oversight of site query management.


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We provide complete Medical Writing services for clinical study protocols, informed consent, medical coding conventions, safety management specifications, medical management and safety plans, white papers, investigator brochures, training materials, SAE narratives, IND safety reports, and Data Safety and Monitoring Board (DSMB) summaries and updates.


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We choose the right statistical tools and deliver accurate interim, end of trial, and post-hoc analysis of your clinical study results to reflect true efficacy outcomes.

We provide full analysis for Safety, Survival, Health Economic and Biomedical Research Outcomes.


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Our scope of drug and medical device R&D services for your Investigational New Drug and Investigational Medical Device include Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modelling, Bioinformatics, and Toxicology.


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Clinical Services

Professional Training

Our Team


Dr. Bassem Toeama
MD, Ph.D. - CEO and Founder


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Rani Parihaar
Operations Director                         Operational Headquarters


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Dr. Hafsa Hafeez

Dr. Hafsa Hafeez
MD - Operational Headquarters Manager


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Dr. Bassem Hamandi

Dr. Bassem Hamandi
R.Ph., Ph.D. - Consultant                        Health Economics and Outcomes Research


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Dr. Nagina Parmar
Ph.D. - Consultant, Clinical Research


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