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Statistics & Data Analysis

MD Pharma Consulting Group knows what the clinical study needs for statistical analysis. We choose the right statistical tools and deliver accurate interim, end of trial, and post-hoc analysis of our client’s clinical study results to reflect true efficacy outcomes.

  • MD Pharma Consulting Group tracks the safety data of our client’s clinical study:
  • Analyses the safety outcomes as per PT and SOC
  • Looks for sector map changes
  • Analyses the incidence rate of the adverse events and serious adverse events
  • Looks for differences in the incidence rate as per demographic and epidemiologic variables as age, gender, geographical location, etc.
  • Detects, evaluates, and prioritizes safety signals.

MD Pharma Consulting Group is an expert in Cancer Clinical Trials. We collect the recurrence, 1, 3, and 5-year disease free survival, and overall survival results of our client’s clinical study, and analyse them with the appropriate statistical tools to reflect true survival outcomes.

The support of MD Pharma Consulting Group for our clients' products continues for years after authorization by the regulatory agencies. We support our clients' products lifecycle management by helping our client make informed economic decisions. MD Pharma Consulting Group:

  • Studies the market providing updated systematic reviews and meta-analyses of our clients' products and their comparators.
  • Studies the burden of illness.
  • Applies various economic modeling techniques: Decision Tree and Modified Markov Chain Simulation Model.
  • Studies different case scenarios to assess uncertainty in economic evaluations with 1-way and 2-way sensitivity analyses.
  • Measures HRQoL and utility with the European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) tool and other utility measurement methods.
  • Calculates Quality adjusted life years (QALYs).
  • Provides cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and budget impact analysis.

MD Pharma Consulting Group knows what the lab study needs for statistical analysis. We choose the right statistical tools and deliver accurate statistical analysis of our client’s lab study results to reflect true research outcomes.

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